Monday, January 26, 2009

Artist on the Rise

From the sounds of Santana to the catchy phrases sung by Ricky Martin, Latin music has hit America head on and has continued to blow up the charts.

One Latin star on the rise goes by the name Pitbull, and he has been taking his Cuban heritage to a whole new musical style.

Pitbull was introduced to Lil Jon and has since teamed up with him on several different albums. Lil Jon introduced Pitbull to the world of crunk music. Crunk has taken off since it first hit the radio scene in 2004. Crunk is similar to hip-hop, but has a slightly slower beat, and is seen as more aggressive than hip-hop.

Pitbull has put his own personal style to crunk and given it a Latin edge. Son of Cuban immigrants and raised in Miami, Pitbull took this new style of music and added some Miami flare.

Though he is new to the scene, ever since his first album came out in 2004, titled M.I.A.M.I., Pitbull has been hitting the charts with his singles. His songs are often found in clubs and his music is certainly no stranger to the radio waves.

In 2006 he came out with his next album entitled El Mariel, and in 2007 he released the album The Boatlift. All of his albums are available on iTunes.

Some of his major hits include: Fuego, The Anthem, and Go Girl. One of his most recent hits that is on iTunes top 100 downloads is a song called Krazy featuring Lil Jon.

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