Monday, March 9, 2009

Toque D Keda

Toque D Keda is a new Bachata group out of Miami.

They debuted their first album in 2005, called Picando Adelante. Their music is said to be considered as the "New Bachata" that combines Hip-Hop with Bachata rhythms. Their catchy songs are popular in not only the Bachata world, but also in mainstream audiences.

Toque D Keda
's music has been no stranger to radio play or bumping in clubs, especially around Miami where the Latin music scene is very popular.

The group has done several re-makes of songs including ‘Lamento Boliviano’ originally by Los Enanitos Verdes, giving it the colorful flavors of Bachata sounds.

This four-member band is no stranger to the entertainment business. Elvis Perez, Eddie Blazquez, Jalen James Acosta, and Ariel Marmolejos have all had previous experience in the music world, whether solo or as members of previous bands. Elvis Perez, creator of the band, explained in an interview how the band came together. He said "I have my own recording studio in Miami, I was working with Eddie on one of our songs (Te Extrano - First single) creating a different latin-pop sound with a bachata guitar and from that moment in October 2004 we started with our dominican producer (Roy Tavere) to mix bachata-pop-hip-hop. Within one month, we dicided to make our own record. I organized some auditions to discover two more members and Ariel and James were the perfect choice. They were working in my studio doing there own projects at the time. So we talk about mixing the 4 and making a different bachata style and here it is Toke de Keda."

Perez was also quoted explaining how they came up with their band name, saying, "Toque D Keda (toque de queda) means curfew and in all of latin america countries there has been a curfew at least one time in its history, so I came up with the idea of a curfew but with music everybody should stay home and listen to music."

Toque D Keda's music has also been used in several different instructional videos of Bachata that is used in many different dance schools.

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