Monday, April 6, 2009

Los Nawdy Dawgs

Los Nawdy Dawgs is a local Tucson band. They began their journey in Nogales, Arizona, but now they play throughout Arizona.

Los Nawdy Dawgs are passionate about playing their music and pride themselves on playing their own instruments.

Considering themselves to be a Latin Rock band, they combine Latin blues and rock and sing in both Spanish and English.

The band's main influences are the Beatles, Carlos Santana, Mana, and the Yardbirds, and claims to be a mix of Mana and the Yardbirds, with a little bit of El lMariachi.

The three band members are George "The Rev" Landa, "Chulo" Kenny Deines, and Edward James Manfield, III. The Rev plays the guitar and keyboard, Chulo plays the bass guitar, and Eddie plays the drums and is the lead vocals.

Los Nawdy Dawgs were just featured in the recently released film The Last Man, directed by James Arnett. All three of them were zombies in the film, and their music was also featured in the film.

The three are also being featured in a documentary that is currently being filmed in New York. Some of Los Nawdie Dawg's music is also being featured in this documentary.

The band is also in the studio recording new songs. They are also busy doing performances and on April 18th you can see them at Casino del Sol at 8 pm, or head downtown and catch them at Sharks at 10 pm.

Check out iTunes to listen and download their music.

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