Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ritmo Tejano

Ritmo Tejano is a Tucson-based musical group. Formed in 2000 by Frank Romero and Dan Corral Sr., this group has now grown to be well known in the Tejano music industry.

Tejano is a genre of music that originated from Hispanics living in Southern and Central Texas. However, they also add some Tex-Mex and Conjunto music with "a little Latin variety, funk, country, and oldies."

The now four member band consists of: Frank Romero, lead vocals, bass guitar, and manager, Robert Rangel, vocals and lead guitar, Rick Flores, drums, and Bill Scott, vocals and keyboard.

The band is very influenced by other Tejano artists such as Ruben Ramos, Groupo Vida, Johnny Martinez, and Selena.

Though they currently do not have an album and are not signed with anyone, they do write and create their own original music, taking traditional tejano music and updates it with electric guitars and high harmonies.

They do anything from private parties, to quinceaneras, to clubs and concerts. In fact, you can catch them April 18 at 8:30 pm at Oracle Inn, or at 10 pm at the Spring Club Crawl 2009 on Congress Street in Downtown Tucson. To keep up with their performances, check out their myspace page.

You can also purchase Ritmo Tejano apparel on their myspace page as well.

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